Digital Illustration of Your Photo Deutsch

Digital Illustration of Your Photo

Illustrated Portrait
After your purchase, you send me a photo to I will draw your picture and send it to you within the next two weeks. If your photo shows more than three people, I kindly ask you to choose the supportive price level. More information below.

︎This is not a print

Please keep in mind that I might change or remove details of your photo in order to create an artistic illustration. Subsequent corrections are not possible. If there is an important aspect of your photo that I need to consider, feel free to tell me beforehand. Colour wishes are also possible.

The digital artwork that you will receive comes with a private licence. This means that you can use it for non-commercial purposes only. This could be your new profile picture, a self-printed gift card for a friend or a post on your personal social media account. Please contact me if you would like to order a portrait for commecial purposes. 

︎ This product has two price levels. This allows me to make my artwork accessible to people with low income and it offers those who are willing to pay a little extra to give me some additional support. The level you choose does not affect the content of your order.